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Congratulations to our 2023 Rahman Alim Strum Scholarship Winners!!!

1st Place Winner - Ashley Ireland

Accounting has always been a passion of mine. While many may look at it as a boring career, I always found it fascinating. I looked forward to pursuing the field as it was underrepresented by Black women and considered one of the harder business majors. I wanted to serve as one that could represent the field and bring the much needed diversity and experience that I could bring and teach. I hope to be able to teach accounting in underrepresented communities to be able to develop studies and their interest in a path with a growing prospect and potential security. 


I graduated top 6% of my class with honors, my seal of honor business, 39 college credit honors of dual enrollment with a 3.9 GPA, accounting and general management completers, 4 years of student government; serving 3 positions, captain of the HBCU style dance team, Sensational Dolls, a rising scholar for the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business, Palmetto Fellows, 4 years of Honors Wind Ensemble, and many more.


I would like to thank the Rahman Alim Strum Scholarship Committee for giving me this opportunity. I am grateful to receive this with high honor. Not only will this further my education prospects and goals, it will allow me to help others who invested in my education. These next four years I am committed to working hard and using this opportunity to make a difference. 

1st place winner 2020

2nd Place Winner - Ryan Bradley

Growing up I always found inspiration in businesses, how they operate and how I can operate my own. I grew up in New York City where it is the mecca of many successful businesses. I am destined for greatness and will use the experiences I have learned in this big city and use it to my advantage.


I am very generous with my service time. I have volunteered at soup kitchens giving back to the less fortunate. Currently I am in the Men of Excellence program designed to support minority male students academically, socially, personally, and professionally. I have huge hope in the world changing for the better. 


I grew up in a single parent household and I am the oldest of 3. My work ethic came from watching my mother work hard and her relentlessness to always provide for her children.


My passions include culinary, basketball, fashion design and economics. I love to read and cook and learn about business strategies to increase my acumen.


As a recipient of the Rahman Alim Strum Scholarship, I am going to continue to give selflessly and volunteer and help those in need. I am thankful in receiving this scholarship as it will help with my financial need to cover the cost of education. Lastly, the scholarship will provide me opportunities to further my education.

2nd Place Winner 2020


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